gc instrument in Vidyavihar

gc instrument in Vidyavihar

gc instrument in Vidyavihar

gc instrument in Vidyavihar

Short Description:-gc instrument in Vidyavihar

gc instrument

We are the Manufacturer, Trader, Supplier, Seller, Exporter, and Importer of gc instrument

We have inhouse facility to manufacture high quality gc instrument in India and supply to gc instrument in Vidyavihar

Our Research and development team is highly equipped with the manufacturing of top quality of gc instrument and supply to Vidyavihar

Specification of gc instrument

GC 2010

Advanced Economical, Sturdy & Modular Gas Chromatograph System

GC Dhruva

Touch Screen Based Advanced Gas Chromatograph (GC / GLC) Systems

Micro Gas Chromatograph System

Field Deployable GC Systems built to requirements. 


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Why we supply gc instrument in Vidyavihar ?

Vidyavihar is a small suburb of Mumbai. It has a railway station with the same name on the Mumbai suburban railway on the Central Railway line. The area consists of mainly the Somaiya Vidyavihar campus and a few residential buildings.

Vidyavihar station has two platforms, which are generally crowded during college hours. Lokmanya Tilak Terminus falls very near to the station.

We provide gc instrument in Vidyavihar and our machines are available to all cities in Vidyavihar

Our GC Machines are very reliable and cost-effective, Software is the custom built and the whole system is tested rigorously to make sure you do not face any issues. We are open for Dealership if you wish to become our reseller.

Other Products other than gc instrument in Vidyavihar

About Chromatography & Instruments Company

Chromatography & Instruments Company (CIC), a company of technocrats, is a family-owned business run by two scientists, Dr. M. K. Shingari and Dr. (Mrs.) Kiran Shingari. They are supported by a core team headed by their sons, Gaurav Shingari and Amar Shingari. CIC was founded in 1972 and specializes in Chromatography based analytical & process instruments. The R & D Center of CIC is a Department of Science & Technology (DST), Government of India recognized lab (Since 1983) and handles special applications / developmental projects.

Chromatography & Instruments Company (CIC) has over 4700+ users across the globe. We cater to a wide range of industries & applications in the Nuclear Sector, Defense Sector, Space industry, Power Generation and Transmission projects, Railways, Research Centers, Environmental Laboratories, Refineries etc.Our infrastructure comprises of over 15,000 SFT of cleanroom Manufacturing & Testing, around 5000 SFT of administrative and office space and 12,000 SFT of finished products storage. We are located in one of the biggest and oldest Industrial Area’s of India which helps us deliver high quality systems at affordable prices.

Stable, Sturdy & Good Quality products manufactured by us have encouraged us to venture into exports and we now have products working in the USA, Saudi Arabia, West Indies & Afghanistan. We are also into contract manufacturing and have agreements with 2 companies in India to manufacture the systems in their labels.We are open and interested in OEM manufacturing as well as appointing distributors / re-sellers within India as well as globally.

Why us for gc instrument in Vidyavihar?


Chromatography & Instruments Company was founded in 1972 by Dr. M. K. Shingari and Dr. (Mrs.) Kiran Shingari


We cater wide area of sectors like Steel Industry, Laboratories, Schools, Defence. Etc. And We have various machines depends upon Area


Our R&D team is fully equip with all technologies which help us to create new products every week. This can be identify as our strength.


Our Manufacturing capacity is huge just because we have world class infrastructure and storage unit with proper workflow and assembly area.


We have deployed specialized manpower with more than 10 years of experience in Chromatography Instruments. This has made us prominent.


We have deployed specialized manpower with more than 10 years of experience in the Field and have a solution for every problem. This has made us prominent.

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Our Leaders

Dr. M. K. Shingari


Mr. Amar Shingari


Mr. Gaurav Shingari


Our Certificates

BARC Award for GC

D&B Certificate

IAIA Life Time Achievement Award

IGCAR-Welding Award

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