The CIC infrastructure is moderately large and self sufficient. It consists of Manufacturing Units, R&D Establishment and Training Center.

  • Manufacturing Unit 1 for Gas Chromatography, Gas Generators & related products.
  • Manufacturing Unit 2 for Gas Chromatography, Semi OLGC systems & related products.
  • Manufacturing Unit 3 for Process Gas Chromatography & Elemental Determinations.
  • Manufacturing Unit 4 for Online Dissolved Gas Analyzers & Monitors.
  • Research and Development Center.
  • Chromatography Training Institute.

The above units are located in the vicinity of each other with all modern facilities including well equipped fabrication and machining workshops besides a Quality Assurance laboratory with all instruments including Helium Leak Detector.

The total built up area for the above units are over 50,000 sq. ft.