TOC Analyzer

The Total Organic Carbon Analyzer is being manufactured by us in INDIA for the past 12 years. This was a joint venture product manufactured in INDIA with the technical collaboration of Phase Separations, UK (Now Waters) initially and has now been upgraded many times over for the analysis of TOC in water and effluents based on the industry standard FID detection system.CIC – Total Organic Carbon Analyzer (TOC) is designed to automatically measure the Organic Carbon content of aqueous samples. Oxidation furnace is used to oxidize the organic carbon to carbon dioxide which is then reduce to CH4 for measurement with flame Ionization Detector – a standard chromatography based technique used in 95{d985d444412a266f6028815d748e3bbbf46c6bab8291227b63da9f9cb54d1c3d} of GC applications.


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