Nitrogen Gas Generator

Nitrogen Gas Generators are available using the PSA Technology as well as the newer KOH Electrolyte based Membrane Separation Technology. Both the technologies have thier distinctive uses with the PSA systems being the industry standard and the newer membrane technology being more widely used now due to the lower prices with development of the technology on a nano scale. Nitrogen Gas Generators from CIC use PSA or Membrane design that ensures that all the Nitrogen Gas Generators are safe, flexible, reliable, and cost effective solutions. Nitrogen Gas Generators have wide variety of industrial and process applications.

Innovative & Advanced Features Of Nitrogen Gas Generator

Type of systemsPSA & Membrane separation
Purity levels99.0 to 99.9995 % depending upon the technology and model
Flow RatesFrom 500 ml/min to 2 LPM for Membrane based systems
 From 500 ml/min to 10 LPM for PSA based systems
Pressure65 PSIG for Membrane based systems
 75 PSIG for PSA based systems
Type Of CompressorOil free wobble free from Germany which can be mounted inside or externally in a separate enclosure depending upon the system capacity.
Nitrogen Storage VolumeFrom 50 Liters to 150 Liters depending upon the model selected
Size of the SystemsCompact table top models for Membrane based systems Under table systems or miniature table top models for PSA based systems with castors for easy maneuverability
NoiseSilent systems for Membrane based systems with noise less than 40 dB.
 45 dB to 70 dB dependence upon the model selected for PSA based gas generator systems with castors for easy maneuverability
Start Up Time15 minutes to 2 hours depending on the model selected
Power Supply230V AC, 50 Hz, Single phase
Weight22 kgs to 215 Kgs depending upon the model selected