Our Infrastructure & Facilities

The CIC infrastructure is moderately large and self sufficient. It consists of Manufacturing Units, R&D Establishment and Training Center.

  • Manufacturing Unit 1 for Gas Chromatography, Gas Generators & related products.
  • Manufacturing Unit 2 for Gas Chromatography, Semi OLGC systems & related products.
  • Manufacturing Unit 3 for Process Gas Chromatography & Elemental Determinations.
  • Manufacturing Unit 4 for Online Dissolved Gas Analyzers & Monitors.
  • Research and Development Center.
  • Chromatography Training Institute.

The above units are located in the vicinity of each other with all modern facilities including well equipped fabrication and machining workshops besides a Quality Assurance laboratory with all instruments including Helium Leak Detector.

The total built up area for the above units are over 50,000 sq. ft.


Our Chromatography Training Center is fully air conditioned and can accommodate up to 25 trainees at a time. Special GC, DGA, TOGA and HPLC software are used to train the new Chromatographers with simulation of analysis conditions which can be seen on the monitors. A laboratory with all the instruments is used to provide hands on experience to the user of our products.