The Chromatography & Instruments Co (CIC) R & D Center is Recognized & Approved by the Department of Science & Technology, Government of India since 1983. The center presently has a registration valid till 31.03.2021.

The R & D establishment is housed in a separate floor with an area of 4000 sq. ft. in the main building. It is equipped with ultra modern facilities including test and calibration equipments like Helium Leak Detector, Insulation tester, HV test setup, LCRQ Bridge, Gas in Oil Standard setup etc. The R & D Center is headed by very senior scientists – Dr. M. K. Shingari &Dr. (Mrs.) Shingari having experience of over 49 years and 47 years respectively. The R & D center also employs professionals and free lancers with interests in varied fields for carrying out research in the analytical instrumentation field.

Some notable developments made by our R&D center in the past 35 years are

  • Inorganic Elemental Analyzers for analysis of gases entrapped in solids( Hydrogen Determinator, Oxygen – Nitrogen Determinator, H –O – N Simultaneous Determinator, Oxygen Determinator, Nitrogen Determinator, O- H Determinator, C-S Determinator).
  • Diffusible Hydrogen Analyzer.
  • GC, On Line GC & Process GC for Hydrogen Isotope Analysis based on TCD / Ionization Detectors.
  • Laboratory On Line GC Systems based on Flame Ionization Detector / Thermal Conductivity Detector / Ionization Detectors / TLD.
  • Process On Line GC Systems based on Flame Ionization Detector / Thermal Conductivity Detector / Ionization Detectors / TLD.
  • Trace Gas Analyzers for PPB – PPM Level analysis based on Ionization Detectors.
  • TOGA systems with Head Space Auto Sampler based on IEC / ASTM.

On Line Gc With TPD Setup

Process GC 1

Process GC 2

Process GC 3

Process GC 4

Process GC 5

Autoclave On Line GC 1

DGA With AES Extraction

OLGC With Sampler 3

DHA GC With User

Dual Channel Inline Gas Analyser – ONLINE

Dual Channel Inline Gas Analyser – ONLINE-2

Field Deployable DGA System

GC for He-H2-Ne Separation – DAE Special

GC with Cryo Attchment for DAE Application

Heated Sampler

High Volume Sampler for OLGC

Hydrogen Isotope Online GC

Ionization Detector

Lab GC with Hight Temperature Pyrolyser

Laboratory On Line GC

Micro Reactor for TPD

OLGC with Sampler 1

OLGC with Sampler 2

DHA Attachment

Special System with 3 Thermal Conductivity Detector for DAE Application