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Maintenance Free Breather

Dhruva SC5 2020 Maintenance Free Breather

Online Maintenance Free Breather (OLMFB) or more popularly known as Maintenance Free Breather (MFB) is a smart auto sensing silica gel based breather system that replaces the conventional silica gel breathers. The MFB units come with smart analytics which sense the silica gel condition and automatically condition the silica gel so that the user does not need to change the silica gel manually when the silica gel is depleted.

The Dhruva SC5 2020 MFB developed by Chromatography & Instrument Co (CIC) is an offshoot of technology used by them in their On Line GC systems being supplied and used by Nuclear Power Corporation of India limited since 1996. Smart analytics, advanced algorithms coupled with AI make this indigenously developed and manufactured a product at par with best systems available globally.

Dhruva SC5 2020 “Smart Features”

  • Microprocessor Controlled with advanced Logic and smart algorithms especially programmed to work in all conditions – Automated with AI as well as Blind Robo Mode.
  • Touch Screen provides complete control (Pass Word protected) of the system and for an operator complete display of values and parameters locally.
  • Truly MFB as it senses the internal pressure and in the event of blockage of inlet port an alternate port is opened along with an alarm signal to the user to clean the inlet filter at his convenient time.
  • The MOC of all the parts used are Industrial Grade – SS 304, Aluminum Alloy 2011 & UV Protected Polycarbonate
  • The Touch Screen controller constantly monitors the condition of all the breather parameters. The System is designed to operate with AI-enabled mode as well as in case of sensor failures in the AI learned Blind Robo Mode.
  • The Touch screen displays and controls all the key parameters of the system like Relative humidity, inlet air temperature, Heater temperature, Current Mode in Operation, heating on/off status, System faults, System Pressure as well as real-time information WRT time.
  • Safety of the operator and system is ensured – Over Pressure, Over Temperature & Time are a few parameters constantly monitored.
  • Patent Pending Ultra-Fast Heating Technique provides heating from ambient to 130 Deg C in less than 8 minutes for the complete heating Bed of 400 mm.
  • Parameters and Modes settable by the user are – Conditioning Temperature, Conditioning Time, Type of Mode, Wait for Interval for Auto Switching, RH value for initiation, Pressure / Flow Monitoring data, RTC, etc.
  • Degree of protection – IP56 with the outer cabinet being UV protected & Nonmetallic making it ideal for outdoor operation in Direct Sunlight or Salty Environment. The Frame and Surface in Contact with the gas utilize SS304 / Al Alloy 2011.
  • Operating Temperature
    0 to 55°C Environment
    0 to 80°C Gas Environment
  • Power supply – 200 to 300 V AC with inline voltage conditioner and filter that opens when transients cross 400 VAC, 400 Watts, 3 Amps
    Data logging using RS485 or 4-20 mA with 2 PFC Relay contacts for alarms

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