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Hydrogen Storage System

Hydrogen Storage System

Hydrogen Storage System

Field Deployable GC Systems built to requirements. These systems weigh less than 13 KG and can be installed in Vehicles for mobile Analysis.

  • Mobile Gas Analysis Systems.
  • Can be coupled with up to 2 detectors.
  • No moving parts inside.
  • All fittings & gas connections can be welded for zero leak for mobile operation.
  • On column injection system including Methanizer.

These Hydrogen Storage System are imported from abroad and are based on the Rare – Earth Metal Alloys (AB5) which are used to store Hydrogen in the form of Metal Hydride. The hydrogen safe storage system keeps the Hydrogen chemically bonded in the Metal Hydride, thus even gunshot strike and engulfing it a burning environment will not result in explosion reaction. Even if there is any leakage occurring in the outer tube, this storage will release Hydrogen very slowly in many hours, hence, any risk of explosion is removed.The Hydrogen storage cum purifier is very convenient to use as it can function at normal room temperature & normal pressures without any additional power supply for its functioning. These systems require no maintenance & can be recharged for over 3000 times which is equivalent to a life span of over 30 years.

These Hydrogen Storage & Purification Systems can be very useful for high precision Chromatography, On-line (Portable) GC, GC-Mass Spectrometry, VOC, THC Station & Laboratories where high purity hydrogen is required.

As the systems weigh only around 0.2 – 7-kg they are highly transportable and can be placed at most unlikely locations. Besides the above applications these systems can be utilized for strategic applications in various sectors for storage of gases as well as portable gas supply systems in the field areas.

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