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Online Gas Chromatograph For Labs 

Online Gas Chromatograph For Labs / R & D Units

Online GC For Labs

Lab Version On-Line Gas Chromatograph

  • Can be built using GC Dhruva as main frame or as an open ended system.
  • Can be configured for single stream or multi stream operation with Heart Cut, Column Switching, Back Flushing, Fore Flushing etc., operations, i.e. basically a multi dimensional analytical setup.
  • Can be configured with TCD, FID, PDHID, Micro TCD, NDIR, TLD etc.
  • Remote indication of results on Process indicators up to 900 meters away using 4-20 mA or RS 485.
  • Choice of RS 232C/RS 485/Ethernet control.


  • Industrial Applications like Biogas, Greenhouse gases, Gas Mixing systems.
  • DON / HON analyser.
  • Inert Gas Analyser / Hydrocarbon Analyser.
  • Hydrogen Isotope Analyser.
  • Reaction Studies linked to TPD / TPR studies.
  • Research Applications linked to Photochemical Studies, Catalysis studies, Chemical Reactions etc.
  • Applications in the Atomic Energy & Defense Industries / Research.

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Online GC For Labs

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Process Online GC

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