Zero Air Generator

Zero Air Gas Generator are available using the PSA Technology as well as high volume self indicating Desiccant Purification Technology. Our Zero Air Generator consists of Oil Free Compressor, Storage Pressure Vessel & Purification System. Zero Air Generator are complete systems with state-of-the-art, highly reliable components engineered for easy installation, process and long term standard performance.

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Zero Air Generators

Innovative & Advanced Features

Type of systems High Capacity multiple stage adsorbents
Purity levels Zero Air grade ideal for high sensitivity FID systems & TOC
Flow Rates 0.5 LPM to 75 LPM depending upon the model selected
Pressure 60 to 100 PSIG depending upon the model selected
Type Of Compressor Oil free wobble free from Germany (Internally mounted)
Zero Air Storage Volume 80 liters to 210 Liters depending upon the model selected
Size of the Systems Compact table top models or under table systems with castors for easy maneuverability
Noise 45 dB to 72 dB dependence upon the model selected
Channels from 1 to 6 depending upon model selected
Start Up Time 15 minutes
Power Supply 230V AC, 50 Hz, Single/Three phase
Weight 45 kgs to 215 Kgs depending upon the model selected