Head Space TOGA Analyzer

The Touch Screen GC System Model Dhruva  S2TS (NTPC & ERDA Approved) is configured for Dissolved Gas Analysis of transformer oil. It can be built to  meet the specification / Standards as per ASTM D 3612  Section A or C or IEC 60567, 2005 Section 7.3 or 7.5 as required by the user.

This equipment can be used to detect the incipient fault in the transformer  and  arrest deterioration/damage to the transformer insulation by analyzing gases dissolved in the transformer oil and adopt preventive measures.

Gas Chromatography method is used for detection for the dissolved gases and identification of incipient faults. The most significant gases generated by decomposition of oil deterioration, of paper insulation on the conductor are hydrogen, methane, ethane, ethylene,  acetylene, CO , Carbon di-oxide, Oxygen & Nitrogen. The quantities of these gases dissolved in transformer oil vary depending upon the type and severity of fault condition such as arcing, partial discharge, overheating, low-high temperature hot spot etc.

The process involved is separationidentification and quantitative determination of gases.The Dhruva S2TS analyzes the fault gases in a single injection with gases analysed depending upon user ordering.

Innovative & Advanced Features :

  • Color Touch Screen control with optional control over TCP-IP using FTP protocol.
  • Meets  ASTM D 3612  Section A or C or IEC 60567, 2005 Section 7.3 or 7.5 as required by the user.
  • 10 or 40  Vial Head Space Auto Sampler (Choice of Manual Head Space Sampling as per Section C / 7.5) .
  • Auto tuning PID temperature control for up to 8 channels with 2 programmable zones & 6 isothermal zones.
  • EPC for up to 8 channels with 2 programmable zones & 6 single set point control with 0.25 % FSD accuracy.
  • Up to 12 auxiliary device control with 4 step programming for control of GSV, Solenoids, Pumps, trigger, signals etc.
  • Input status for Pressure, Remote start, Remote Stop, Door open along with 4 additional spare inputs.
  • Programmable FID (Gain, Off Set, and Sensitivity – low, high) with time based sensitivity settings.
  • Programmable TCD (Sensitivity – Low, Medium, High) with superb current stability & repeatability.
  • Extensive Auto diagnostics & user friendly system control with User settable password protection. Multi mode screens with 6 pages of current status giving complete GC status with option for continuous looping of the system.