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Unlock the potential of material analysis with our Carbon Sulfur Gas Analyser. This innovative tool revolutionizes quality control and research by providing precise gas analysis of carbon and sulfur content in various materials. With its advanced capabilities, our gas analyser empowers industries to maintain the highest standards of quality and helps researchers gain deeper insights into the composition of materials, ultimately driving progress and excellence.

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Innovative & Advanced Features Of Carbon – Sulphur Determinator

  • Application fields: ferrous metal, non-ferrous metal, alloy, cast iron, foundry sand, core sand, cement, ores, glass, ceramic and other inorganic.
  • Detecting range :
C :0.0005%~6.0% (0.0001%~10%)
S :0.0005%~3.5% (0.0001%~5%)
C & S range may extend to 99.999% by changing sample weight
  • Least reading : 0.00001%
  • Detection precision : (based on solid guide sample)
C :0.0002% or RSD=0.5% (0.0001% or RSD=0.5%)
S :0.0002% or RSD=1.5% (0.0001% or RSD=1.0%)
  • Analysis time : 20~40s(auto. control)
  • Electronic balance : 0~100g
  • Balance precision : 0.001g (0.0001g)
  • Analysis error
C complies to ISO9556-94 standards
S complies to ISO4935-94 standards


Carbon and sulfur analysis are integral to understanding the composition and quality of diverse materials. Our Carbon Sulphur Gas Analyser is at the forefront of this analytical revolution, offering unparalleled insights into material properties. This state-of-the-art instrument employs a modular integration approach for its design, ensuring efficiency and ease of use. The power supply system comprises twin modules, guaranteeing reliability and mitigating potential issues associated with dust. Additionally, the adoption of flat wire connectors for connection cables enhances circuit reliability, a notable improvement over the conventional slot mode.

Advanced Design for Optimal Performance

Our Carbon Sulphur Gas Analyser boasts a design that prioritizes performance and accuracy. By incorporating advanced modules and connectors, we have optimized the functionality of the instrument. The dust-preventive twin modules in the power supply system minimize downtime, allowing for consistent and uninterrupted usage. This innovative design significantly enhances the overall efficiency and longevity of the gas analyser.

Accurate Carbon and Sulfur Analysis

The primary function of our Carbon Sulphur Gas Analyser is to provide highly accurate analysis of carbon and sulfur content within a variety of materials. From industrial applications to research laboratories, this tool delivers precise results essential for quality control and research purposes. Understanding the carbon and sulfur composition is crucial in ensuring compliance with industry standards and meeting the desired material specifications.

Streamlined Connectivity for Seamless Operation

One of the standout features of our Carbon Sulphur Gas Analyser is the utilization of flat wire connectors for seamless connectivity. Unlike the traditional slot mode, flat wire connectors offer a superior and stable connection, enhancing the reliability and longevity of the instrument. This ensures consistent and error-free operation, allowing users to focus on obtaining precise analytical data.

Versatility for Diverse Applications

The versatility of our Carbon Sulphur Gas Analyser is a hallmark of its design. Tailored to accommodate various materials and industry needs, this analyser adapts effortlessly to different applications. From analyzing metals to examining organic compounds, it’s a comprehensive solution that supports a wide array of materials, making it a valuable tool across industries.

Future-Ready Analytical Solution

Investing in our Carbon Sulphur Gas Analyser means embracing a future-ready analytical solution. The advanced design and integration of this instrument make it poised to cater to evolving industry requirements and technological advancements. It’s a testament to our commitment to providing cutting-edge tools that adapt and grow alongside industries.

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Advantage of Carbon Sulphur Gas Analyser

  1. Precision Analysis: The Carbon Sulphur Gas Analyser is renowned for its exceptional precision when determining carbon and sulfur content in various materials. Its accuracy is vital for quality control, research, and ensuring materials adhere to industry standards.

  2. Modular Integration: The analyser’s modular integration design sets it apart. This approach optimizes the instrument’s efficiency and ensures it is both user-friendly and easy to maintain.

  3. Reliable Power Supply: The twin-module power supply system is not only reliable but also resistant to dust and other potential environmental contaminants. This feature minimizes downtime and ensures uninterrupted use.

  4. Enhanced Connectivity: Utilizing flat wire connectors for cable connections significantly boosts the instrument’s reliability. Unlike traditional slot modes, flat wire connectors provide a stable, error-free connection, further enhancing performance.

  5. Versatility: The analyser is highly versatile, accommodating various materials and applications. It’s an invaluable tool for analyzing metals and organic compounds, making it applicable across a wide range of industries.

  6. Adaptability: As industries and technologies evolve, the Carbon Sulphur Gas Analyser is prepared to keep pace with changing demands. Its advanced design ensures it remains adaptable to future requirements.

  7. Streamlined Operation: The analyser’s design prioritizes efficient and error-free operation. This streamlining enhances productivity by providing consistent, reliable results.

  8. Quality Control: In manufacturing and industrial settings, ensuring material quality is paramount. The analyser’s precise analysis capabilities empower quality control processes, enabling businesses to maintain high standards.

  9. Research Advancement: For research laboratories, having access to accurate carbon and sulfur analysis is essential. Researchers rely on this instrument to explore new frontiers, pushing the boundaries of scientific understanding.

  10. Longevity: The innovative design and robust construction of the Carbon Sulphur Gas Analyser contribute to its longevity. This ensures that your investment in this equipment pays dividends over the long term.

  11. Efficiency: Efficiency is key in today’s fast-paced industrial and scientific environments. The analyser’s speed and accuracy streamline processes, improving overall operational efficiency.

  12. Compliance: Many industries must adhere to strict regulations and standards. The analyser’s ability to provide precise analysis supports compliance efforts and helps organizations meet these requirements consistently.

  13. Material Testing: Material testing is an essential part of product development and quality assurance. The analyser assists in identifying material properties, allowing for better decision-making in product design.

  14. Research Expansion: For research institutions, the analyser is a valuable tool for expanding scientific knowledge. Its ability to provide precise and reliable data supports the development of new research methodologies and the discovery of novel insights.

  15. Adaptation to Industry Changes: The analyser’s future-ready design ensures it can adapt to industry changes and technological advancements. This adaptability positions it as a sound, long-term investment.