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Carbon – Sulphur Determinator

Carbon – Sulphur Determinator

The Carbon – Sulphur analyzer body is designed of module integration idea. Power supply system composes twin modules which are dust-preventive, simple and reliable; connection cables use flat wire connectors instead of old slot mode which can upgrades whole circuit reliability.


Innovative & Advanced Features Of Carbon – Sulphur Determinator

  • Application fields: ferrous metal, non-ferrous metal, alloy, cast iron, foundry sand, core sand, cement, ores, glass, ceramic and other inorganic.
  • Detecting range :
C :0.0005%~6.0% (0.0001%~10%)
S :0.0005%~3.5% (0.0001%~5%)
C & S range may extend to 99.999% by changing sample weight
  • Least reading : 0.00001%
  • Detection precision : (based on solid guide sample)
C :0.0002% or RSD=0.5% (0.0001% or RSD=0.5%)
S :0.0002% or RSD=1.5% (0.0001% or RSD=1.0%)
  • Analysis time : 20~40s(auto. control)
  • Electronic balance : 0~100g
  • Balance precision : 0.001g (0.0001g)
  • Analysis error
C complies to ISO9556-94 standards
S complies to ISO4935-94 standards

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