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GC 2010

GC 2010 Gas Chromatograph System

GC2010 By CIC

GC 2010 – Advanced Economical & Modular Gas Chromatograph System

This is a high performance sturdy modular Gas Chromatograph instrument suitable for most applications. The system is designed & built on Plug & Play concept wherein the user can install and maintain the system using factory support. This highly successful model has been appreciated by industries where performance and ruggedness is valued over unused features. The precision, accuracy and performance is at par with other advanced GC’s available in the market while the ownership cost is a fraction as compared to them.

GC 2010 - Innovative & Advanced Features

  • Micro Controller / Micro convector based system with auto diagnosis.
  • 4 Line x 20 character backlit display.
  • Auto diagnostics and self check on power on.
  • Choice of FID, Dual FID, TCD & Micro TCD.
  • Auto cooling with forced air convection through the Micro controller with user definable set point.
  • Large soft touch membrane keyboard (32 key) with audible keep for positive contact.
  • Individual alarm set points for all zones with user settable alarm limits.
  • Electronic safety cut off with alarm (audio – visual) for all heated zones are also user settable.
  • Isothermal as well as programmable Mode with 99 steps and 100 method files storage.
  • Choice of Inlet systems – Packed, Capillary, Methanizer, PTV, GSV etc.
  • EPC/AFC/DFC available optionally with 3 stage Flow control.
  • Ambient to 450°C (Optional 500°C & Optional Cryo facility) with ±0.1°C control accuracy.
  • RS 232 C link up to optionally available.
  • Modular and compact design.

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