Micro Gas Chromatograph System

Field Deployable GC Systems built to requirements. These systems weigh less than 13 KG and can be installed in Vehicles for mobile Analysis.

  • Mobile Gas Analysis Systems.
  • Can be coupled with up to 2 detectors.
  • No moving parts inside.
  • All fittings & gas connections can be welded for zero leak for mobile operation.
  • On column injection system including Methanizer.

Pre Configured µ -GC systems / configurations:

  • Bullet Analyser for Propane / Butane Mix
  • Dissolved Gas Analyser (DGA)
  • Transformer Gas Analyser (TOGA)
  • Natural Gas Analyser (NGA)
  • Binary Gas Analyser (BGA)
  • Environmental Gas Analyser (EA)
  • Specific Gas Analyser (SGA)
  • LPG / CNG Aanalsyer (LCA)