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Micro Gas Chromatograph System

Micro Gas Chromatograph System

Micro Gas

Field Deployable GC Systems built to requirements. These systems weigh less than 13 KG and can be installed in Vehicles for mobile Analysis.

  • Mobile Gas Analysis Systems.
  • Can be coupled with up to 2 detectors.
  • No moving parts inside.
  • All fittings & gas connections can be welded for zero leak for mobile operation.
  • On column injection system including Methanizer.

Pre Configured µ -GC systems / configurations:

  • Bullet Analyser for Propane / Butane Mix
  • Dissolved Gas Analyser (DGA)
  • Transformer Gas Analyser (TOGA)
  • Natural Gas Analyser (NGA)
  • Binary Gas Analyser (BGA)
  • Environmental Gas Analyser (EA)
  • Specific Gas Analyser (SGA)
  • LPG / CNG Aanalsyer (LCA)

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