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Gas Chromatography, an indispensable analytical method, offers a comprehensive approach to the separation and analysis of gas components. Its precision and versatility make it an essential tool across various industries and scientific research domains. Discover how Gas Chromatography uncovers the intricate details of gas composition and purity, revolutionizing the way we understand and utilize gases.

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Innovative & Advanced Features

  • Micro Controller / Micro convector based system with auto diagnosis.
  • 4 Line x 20 character backlit display.
  • Auto diagnostics and self check on power on.
  • Choice of FID, Dual FID, TCD & Micro TCD.
  • Auto cooling with forced air convection through the Micro controller with user definable set point.
  • Large soft touch membrane keyboard (32 key) with audible keep for positive contact.
  • Individual alarm set points for all zones with user settable alarm limits.
  • Electronic safety cut off with alarm (audio – visual) for all heated zones are also user settable.
  • Isothermal as well as programmable Mode with 99 steps and 100 method files storage.
  • Choice of Inlet systems – Packed, Capillary, Methanizer, PTV, GSV etc.
  • EPC/AFC/DFC available optionally with 3 stage Flow control.
  • Ambient to 450°C (Optional 500°C & Optional Cryo facility) with ±0.1°C control accuracy.
  • RS 232 C link up to optionally available.
  • Modular and compact design.

Innovative & Advanced Features Of Dhruva Gas Chromatograph System

  • ¼” VGA Touch screen for complete system control & monitoring of the system parameters.
  • Auto tuning PID temperature control for up to 8 channels with up to 2 programmable zones.
  • EPC (Pressure or/and Flow) for up to 8 channel with up to 2 programmable zones.
  • Up to 12 auxiliary device control with 4 step programming for control of external devices.
  • Programmable FID with time based sensitivity / Gain settings.
  • HS TCD with superb current stability & repeatability.
  • Choices of detectors – FPD, PDHID / PDECD. Other detectors may be provided on request.
  • Extensive Auto diagnostics & user friendly system control.

Pre Configured µ -GC systems / configurations:

  • Bullet Analyser for Propane / Butane Mix
  • Dissolved Gas Analyser (DGA)
  • Transformer Gas Analyser (TOGA)
  • Natural Gas Analyser (NGA)
  • Binary Gas Analyser (BGA)
  • Environmental Gas Analyser (EA)
  • Specific Gas Analyser (SGA)
  • LPG / CNG Aanalsyer (LCA)

Gas Chromatography (GC) is a powerful analytical technique used to separate and analyze the components of gases with unprecedented precision. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the world of Gas Chromatography, focusing on advanced systems, innovative technology, diverse applications, and its pivotal role in industries and scientific research.

GC 2010: Advanced Economical, Sturdy & Modular Gas Chromatograph System

The GC 2010 is a high-performance, sturdy, and modular Gas Chromatography instrument designed to meet the demands of a wide range of applications. This system is built on a Plug & Play concept, empowering users to install and maintain it with factory support. The GC 2010 has gained acclaim in industries that prioritize performance and ruggedness over unnecessary features. Its precision, accuracy, and performance are at par with other advanced GCs in the market, all while offering ownership costs that are a fraction of the competition.

Key Features of GC 2010

  • Sturdiness: The GC 2010 is engineered to withstand challenging conditions, making it suitable for various applications.
  • Modularity: Its modular design enhances flexibility and simplifies maintenance.
  • Plug & Play: Installation and maintenance are made effortless, minimizing downtime.
  • Precision: The system delivers exceptional accuracy, making it ideal for applications where precision is paramount.

GC Dhruva: Touch Screen Based Advanced Gas Chromatograph Systems

The GC Dhruva is a fully programmable research-grade Gas Chromatograph, capable of standard applications and customized solutions to meet client-specific requirements. Equipped with smart features and advanced specifications, it is compatible with various accessories, including Auto Samplers, Head Space Auto Samplers, Pyrolyzers, and Auto Gas Injection Systems. The Dhruva’s versatility allows it to excel in a wide range of applications:

Applications of GC Dhruva

  • Transformer Oil Gas Analysis and Dissolved Gas Analysis (TOGA / DGA): Used for monitoring and analyzing gases in transformer oils.
  • Residual Gas Analyzers and Liquefied Petroleum Gas Analyzers (RGA / LPG Analyzers): Essential for analyzing residual gases and LPG.
  • Dissolved Oxygen and Hydrogen in Oil Analyzers (DON / HON Analyzers): Crucial for monitoring oxygen and hydrogen levels in oil.
  • Trace Gas Analysis (PPM / PPB level analysis – Gases): Specialized in analyzing gases at the parts per million (PPM) and parts per billion (PPB) levels.
  • Inert Gas Analysis and Hydrocarbon Analysis: Used for detecting inert gases and hydrocarbons.
  • Hydrogen Isotope Analyzer: Ideal for identifying and quantifying hydrogen isotopes.
  • Fission Gas Analyzer: Essential in the analysis of fission gases.
  • Reaction Studies: Valuable for studies linked to Temperature Programmed Desorption (TPD) and Temperature Programmed Reduction (TPR).
  • Research Applications: Suitable for a wide range of research fields, including photochemical studies, catalysis studies, and chemical reactions.
  • Applications in the Atomic Energy & Defense Industries: Trusted in research and applications related to atomic energy and defense.

Field Deployable GC Systems

Field deployable GC systems are engineered to meet specific requirements and are highly portable, weighing less than 13 kilograms. They can be installed in vehicles for mobile gas analysis. Key features include:

  • Mobile Gas Analysis: These systems are designed for on-the-go gas analysis, making them suitable for field applications.
  • Versatile Detector Configuration: They can be coupled with up to two detectors, enhancing analytical capabilities.
  • Zero-Leak Design: All fittings and gas connections can be welded to ensure zero leaks during mobile operation.
  • On-Column Injection System: The inclusion of an on-column injection system, including a Methanizer, enhances the precision and reliability of the analysis.

Applications of Field Deployable GC Systems

  • Environmental Monitoring: Field deployable GC systems are instrumental in environmental monitoring, allowing real-time analysis of gases in various outdoor settings.
  • Safety and Security: These systems are used in safety and security applications, including the detection of hazardous gases and explosives.
  • Emergency Response: In emergency response situations, field deployable GC systems provide critical data for quick decision-making.
  • Petroleum and Petrochemical Industry: These systems are used in the petroleum and petrochemical industry for quality control and safety assessments.
  • Agriculture: Field analysis of gases is valuable in agriculture for soil and plant health assessments.

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Advantages of Gas Chromatography: Precision, Speed, and Versatility

Gas Chromatography (GC) is a leading analytical technique that offers numerous advantages, making it an indispensable tool in a wide range of applications. In this section, we’ll explore the key advantages of Gas Chromatography and why it is the method of choice for many researchers and industries.

1. Precision and Accuracy

Gas Chromatography systems are renowned for their exceptional precision and accuracy. They can separate and analyze even the smallest variations in gas composition, making them ideal for applications where precision is paramount. Whether you’re quantifying trace amounts of compounds in environmental samples or analyzing gases for medical diagnostics, GC provides reliable and precise results.

2. Speed and Efficiency

One of the standout advantages of GC is its remarkable speed. The technology allows for rapid analysis, reducing the time required to obtain results. This increased efficiency is particularly valuable in industries where time-sensitive decisions are crucial. For example, in pharmaceutical manufacturing, GC can quickly verify the quality of products, ensuring they meet regulatory standards and reach the market faster.

3. Robust and Reliable

GC systems are engineered to be robust and reliable. They can withstand challenging conditions, both in the laboratory and in the field. This resilience makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, from academic research to industrial quality control. Regardless of the environment, you can depend on the consistent performance of GC systems.

4. Environmental Resilience

Gas Chromatography systems are designed to perform effectively in various environmental conditions. They can operate in diverse temperature ranges and withstand fluctuations in humidity and pressure. This resilience is essential for field applications, where environmental conditions can be unpredictable. Researchers and professionals can trust GC to deliver accurate results in challenging settings.

5. User-Friendly Design

Manufacturers prioritize user-friendliness when designing GC systems. The intuitive interfaces and controls minimize the learning curve, allowing operators to quickly become proficient in using the equipment. Reduced complexity means fewer opportunities for errors, further enhancing the reliability of results.

6. Versatile Applications

Gas Chromatography is incredibly versatile. It can be customized to suit a wide range of applications, from environmental science to industrial analysis. Whether you’re analyzing gases in soil samples to assess soil health or conducting quality control in the petrochemical industry, GC can be adapted to meet your specific requirements. Its versatility makes it an essential tool in numerous fields.

7. Continuous Innovation

The field of Gas Chromatography continues to evolve, with manufacturers committed to ongoing innovation. This commitment ensures that GC systems remain at the forefront of analytical chemistry, incorporating the latest advancements in technology. Researchers and professionals can benefit from cutting-edge features and improved performance in every generation of GC equipment.