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Hydrogen Determinator

Hydrogen Determinator

The analyzer is capable of the determination of Hydrogen Gas (H2) in metals and alloys with great simplicity using latest technology and menu driven software. The operation of this Hydrogen Gas Determinator analyzer is simplified with the use of Touch Screen based control systems which make the programming of all functions of the determinator extremely simple. Detection of Hydrogen gas is done using a very high sensitivity Macro Thermal Conductivity Detector capable to detect from 0.01 ppm to 5000 ppm using a nominal sample size of 1 gram for Hydrogen.


Innovative & Advanced Features

  • Compact and Modular design for ease in operation & Maintenance.
  • It has a large ¼” VGA Touch Screen for the complete control of the system. There is no keypad or other controls visible on the front panel as the complete operation is through the touch screen panel including / excluding current setting for outgas and analyze mode. The complete system is under modbus RTU protocol for connectivity through other SCADA & supervisory systems.
  • Data acquisition is through software using a PC system so that unlimlited files can be stored.
  • All the timers are user settable (Via Supervisory password) thereby making the instrument ideal for routine analysis as well as R & D application. The timers for all the modes are set using the touch screen as well as through the H PPC Determinator control software.
  • On line display of the current mode in progress as well as the time left for mode completion displayed on the touch screen.
  • On line fault diagnosis and stepwise guidance for any fault condition on the Touch Screen console.
  • On line Manual, On line Method Development and On line Fault Diagnosis software in case the H PPC Determinator control software is procured.
  • Three stage flow control system to prevent accidental change of values.
  • Alarms and safety interlocks.
  • Closed loop coolant circulator (Optional).
  • Furnace is Glove Box adaptable(Optional).

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