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Hydrogen Oxygen Nitrogen Combined Determinator

Hydrogen Oxygen Nitrogen Combined Determinator

Our HON combined Determinator, Model – TWIN can be used for testing of raw materials, on-line samples, semi finished products for gas levels.  Samples should be in the form of pins, buttons, granules, turnings and powders. It is a multi purpose system for determination of Hydrogen Oxygen Nitrogen and can be used for determination of trapped gases in Ti -alloys, Ni-base alloys, Zr-base alloys, super alloys, Ceramics, super conductors, rare earths, UO2 / TRO2.

Innovative & Advanced Features

  • Compact and Modular design for ease in Operation & Maintenance.
  •  Choice of Operation of the Determinator.
    i. It has a large ¼” VGA Touch Screen for the complete control of the system. There are no keypads or other controls visible on the front panel as the complete operation are through the touch screen panel except current setting for outgas and analyze mode. The complete system is under Modbus RTU protocol for connectivity through other SCADA & supervisory systems.
    ii. By Software through PC.
  •  All the timers are user-settable (Via Supervisory password) thereby making the instrument ideal for routine analysis as well as R & D application. The timers for all the modes are to be set using the touch screen as well as through the Determinator control software optionally.
  •  On line display of the current mode in progress as well as the time left for mode completion are to be displayed on the touch screen.
  •  On line fault diagnosis and stepwise guidance for any fault condition on the Touch Screen console.
  •  On line Manual, Online Method Development and Online Fault Diagnosis software in case the Determinator control software is provided.
  •  Auto diagnostics with stepwise guidance for troubleshooting on the touch screen of the operator panel is provided on the system. Calibration & system check using 100% Pure Hydrogen gas using Dose Cavity of known concentration in the System Test Mode.
  •  Quick connect connectors with long life ‘O’ Rings provide ease in changing chemicals while preventing leakage.
  •  Large Range of Sample size by using different crucibles by changing the lower electrode inserts.
  •  Removable lower and upper insert for the electrodes.
  •  Modular and extra efficient carrier Gas Inlet purification system.
  •  On line fault diagnosis and stepwise guidance for any fault condition on the operator panel console.
  •  Three-stage flow control system with all controls on the front panel.

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